Deckchair Game Theory

We had inferior deckchairs on the first day and since then, we’ve been organised. Making a special trip to the pool before breakfast to get ahead of the crowd. We kept our towels and strategically positioned them on the ones we wanted. Just as if we had popped away, to get a drink, or for a wee and we would be back any minute. This was pretty standard across the hotel so following game theory, you either join in, or lose out. 

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Relearning Old Skills

Aimi hasn’t been feeling great the last couple days. Its not the dreaded Covid, because we’ve repeatedly tested, but she’s pretty under the weather. 

This is very frustrating for her, as she’s usually the one to be up and out and raring to go on all the excursions. On holidays Aimi is all about doing things. It’s funny because at home, she enjoys nothing more than being snuggled up with me and Kayto (mostly kayto) on the sofa with a fire and a movie on.

But while I hope she gets better soon (no-one wants to be ill on holiday) this sort of plays into my hands. It provides a biologically enforced reason for her to take her medicine; sitting quietly, drinking lots of water and the happy byproduct of boredom is lots of lovely reading.

There is also very little I can do to help, so I went wakeboarding…

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Tui Travel

For the first time in about 3 years I went to the dentist and luckily – presumably due to good brushing technique – I don’t have any major problems. I just need to book a hygienist appointment. 

So I did

For today

Mere hours before our flight to Turkey

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Not much planned for today, basically just packed and then sat by the pool. It was the only time, for the whole holiday, I really got to do nothing. I’ve no idea how people do it… Its frikin hot sitting around in the sun! It took me about 5 minutes before I was roasting hot and had to jump into the pool.

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Trad Breakfast Trad Beach

Our chance encounter with Gen and Harry meant we were doing lots more on our holiday than we probably would have otherwise. This holiday had planned to be about 50/50 tours, excursions and activities to lazing around by the pool getting a tan and drinking.

I know I would have gotten bored just laying around, its not my normal state of being. But I had kinda wanted to get bored, so I could find out what it was like to go on a holiday to get bored…. Guaranteed as soon as I WAS bored, I would have collared the TUI rep and booked more stuff to do… but that’s not the point.

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