Fast Fiancé

Recovering Aimi was keen to get some holiday done on this holiday. Her cough was reducing and general lethargy receding so this was the perfect time for…

Jet ski!!!

We towel blocked some good deckchairs again this morning before heading to breakfast. We therefore had a good view and a parasol to ourselves while we digested. Its a real challenge not to stuff yourself silly when there are so many tastey things available.

After a bit of sunbathing and reading we found Ahmed and arranged for jet ski’s. Things are so simple here. 

  1. Sign a bit of paperwork that basically says “you break it you bought it” and “we aren’t responsible if you crash and drown” 
  2. Plug you into the jet ski and show you where the throttle is
  3. Go!

No, 3 hour presentations on proper technique, body position, the rules of the sea or how to drown correctly. Just head out and don’t crash and honestly, that’s probably the best way. If you’re trained and correctly prepared, you feel like you know what you’re doing and probably have a higher chance of cocking it up from overconfidence. Whereas, giving zero instruction allows your natural fear and self preservation to reign in your excitement and treat it with caution – this really can hurt you, so don’t cock it up.

We both ride motorbikes and each had a jet ski. We blasted up and down the front getting progressively faster as we worked out how to handle these beasts. They are really strange in that, when you aren’t giving it any power, there is literally zero steering. It makes sense because the jet of water that propels you also does the steering. But in an emergency, where you want to avoid hitting something, you would naturally shut the throttle and steer away, but that really wouldn’t do anything here. Luckily we found this out in the middle of the sea, no objects nearby, but I can see how it could trick you. 

We had a fresh baked pizza lunch down at the TeePee bar on the beach. Its got the best view of the sea, the gardens and the mountains in the background. A couple cocktails down and Aimi was up for some ping pong which evolved into full on tennis shortly afterwards.

With a bit of faff getting rackets that weren’t broken, we had a court and set about trying to emulate our successful ping pong rally at full scale. We were not. But it was good fun, and got us both darting around the court attempting to return the others misplaced balls. It would have been good to have bumped into John and Jo again, maybe played doubles, but that will have to wait for another day.

This evening when we retired to our room, we found a disco/gig/party was going on in the function room below our window. It’s so hot we have to have it open because the air con is gutless, but that means we get the music with its thumping bass infecting the room. Not pleased, but ultimately, powerless to change it, we just stayed up later than planned reading (and writing this). I bring it up because I experienced an interesting effect. 

The bass of the music seemed to be reverberating around our room. Its particular tone must have a wavelength that matched the length of our room or a multiple of it, because there was a definite resonant peak in one area and nodal cancellation in another. Annoyingly, the peak resonation occurred right over our bed head, meaning the bass was super loud, cripplingly loud. Whereas at the foot of our bed the bass was barely audible. You could hear the other tone ranges everywhere, but the bass was either there or it wasn’t as you moved around the room. Very strange and interesting to me.

Long story short, I ended up laying with my feet next to Aimi’s confused head.