Androgynous Cats Love Ham

Our final full day in Turkey dawned. We felt a bit wobbly from the cocktails the night before, but this wasn’t going to hold us back.

While it was early and relatively calm on the water, I had another go wakeboarding. It’s so much fun. This time I wanted to try and lead with my left foot forwards. I usually ride skateboards right foot forwards but with wakeboards you’re being towed and so my right arm and grip was completely shredded in no time at all. I figured if I could learn left foot forwards, I could swap and go for longer.

The first attempt at swapping, I flat faced the waves. Then I started off left foot forwards and was very wobbly, but I got up briefly before wiping out again. I think it’s something I’m going to have to learn on a glassy smooth lake first. Aimi came along on the speed boat and got some good photos and video. Especially this shot of the resort we are staying at:

We retired to the deck chairs and found our adopted cat waiting for us. We’ve been in this spot most days so he/she knows where to find us. We androgynously named her/him Charlie for some reason. All we know is she likes ham and neck scratches. Hes been very affectionate, climbing up on our laps and pushing into our hands for a pet. She also likes to affectionately claw and bite when he gets excited. It’s very cute – but I’m still a dog person.

We are only choosing our absolute favourite bits for lunch and dinner now. There is so much glorious food we started by having a bit of everything. But now we have homed in on our favourite stuff for our final gluttonous rampage. When we get back, its the start of the wedding (read: generally more sustainable lifestyle) diet. I’ve fluctuated between 100 and 110 kg for about 10 years but now I’ve maxed out weighing 111.6kg which is too much – no matter how many people tell me I’m tall, there comes a point when its too much. For example, today we wanted to go parasailing behind a motorboat, but I was too heavy. If I’m missing out due to my weight, then it needs to change.

So instead of parasailing, we had another go on the jet ski. This time we both went on 1 and I recorded us on the gopro. Aimi started off and went really fast, I could barely hang on because I was only using 1 hand. When it was my go, I reached around Aimi and gunned it. She was screaming and laughing but she wasn’t seriously telling me to stop, so we blasted up the beach. It was very good fun and a great way to finish the holiday.