Exploring the Hotel Forest

We rose late, per holiday dictates, and headed down to the restaurant from last night. The feast we found was spectacular!

Literally anything you could possibly want from omlette to nutella pancakes, fruit salad to roasted vegetables, yoghurt to jam. I’ve never seen so many different breakfast items all in one place, and as much as you want!

After releasing the monster inside me and romping thru 3 plates, we found some deck chairs by the pool and vegetated. It was lovely to final be in a place where I could just sit, warm and comfy and read.

Could have done without the screaming kids…

The sun was brilliant white and hot. The sky, completely cloudless and still. The cocktails, fruity and refreshing. And the pool, bright blue, presumably because it was trying to tell me what colour I’d go if I got in. It was freezing! But, laying in the sun I sort of build up heat, like a sauna, till it’s unbearable. Then anything is better than being that hot and I dove in for some instant relief.

One benefit of kids at the hotel is that the pool has slides. Why can’t adult hotels have water slides? Why do adults have fun things taken away when they become adults…? The slide is awesome, and a little unnerving as you swoosh right up the side and legitimately feel like you might slop over the edge. I love water slides! Except re-entering the frigid waters of the icy blue pool.

We took a tour of the grounds and found the tennis courts. There are something like 8 of them. Tennis really must be a proper thing here! They are hidden down one side of the gardens which separate the hotel from the beach with huge palms and pine trees. Down the other side are the pools, with an amphitheatre in the middle and another restaurant. Right at the end, just before the beach is a lawn with some deckchairs. There are loads of deckchairs on the beach with palm leave shades and a wood slatted pier heading out into the sea. One end of the beach has a shack for watersports stuff, headed by a jolly fat Turk called Ahmed. I grabbed a leaflet of prices and vowed to be back. And the other end of the beach is a huge wooden teepee with bar and pizza oven. This churnins out cocktails and the most amazing smells that waft down the beach.

I’m excited to have a few things to do between reading sessions