Not much planned for today, basically just packed and then sat by the pool. It was the only time, for the whole holiday, I really got to do nothing. I’ve no idea how people do it… Its frikin hot sitting around in the sun! It took me about 5 minutes before I was roasting hot and had to jump into the pool.

Aimi came down and kept me company till she got too hot and retreated back to the air conditioned room. At least thats the excuse she gave, maybe she heard the entertainers announce the start of water aerobics. There was no way I was missing this! I only had 15 mins before I had to go upstairs and change but this was hilarious. Out of the 50 or so orange people sitting around the pool, only 3 of them joined me in the pool for some splashing around. I always thought the aerobics was done in the pool to take the strain off of the fat people joints as they moved around, but the resistance of the water actually made it a whole lot more effort. Well, it was a lot more effort if you tried to keep up with the instructor. Luckily, by design, the pool water was keeping me cool as the intensity built up and I worked up a bit of a sweat. 

But alas, it was time to leave and I still needed to pack. If I didn’t get out of the pool now, Aimi’s compulsion to be prompt would ring loudly in my ears and ruin the glorious experience of sitting in a pixie sized plane seat for 5 hours… 

Nothing to do with the blog, just a gorgeous photo of my lady

Except the torture of the tiny seat did not arrive! The usual cheap check in malarky happened and we waited around in the departures lounge exactly the right length of time to buy several giant toblerones that were “on offer”. But the flight was remarkably comfortable! I was given a seat I could sit in reasonably comfortably. I mean I’m not expecting first class meters of leg room, I realise I’m on a cheap package holiday flight. But for once, my knees fit behind the seat in front of me with an inch of space. Luxury!

I was so shocked. As any long time ready of the blog will know, I suffer on flights being a man of greater than average stature. In my opinion, if you are fat, you deserve to be uncomfortable. Think of it as payback for being a greedy/lazy git because whatever you say, it is possible to control your girth within reason. But height is not something anyone has any personal, day to day control over so plane seats should be sized accordingly.

This nicely rounded off a fantastic holiday. It meant instead of getting back in a foul mood, I was genuinely jolly waiting for Aimi’s dad to pick us up. I would highly recommend Turkey as a holiday destination and Tui as a package provider. This was one but the cheapest available and was really good. The hotel was good, except the incessant crap music. The food was excellent. The drink was cheap and average, but it was free and that goes a long way to make up for it. When we were away from the hotel, we bought drinks and they used brand labeled (bottles, if not the contents) spirits and they weren’t stingy at all. We were nicely pissed after about 3 drinks on more than one occasion. The weather was hot and dry, sunny with a breeze for the whole holiday, only excepting a brief downpour one evening and a bit of drizzle while we were already wet scuba diving. Other than that, amazing weather and to top it all off, we bumped into Gen and Harry, et al who knew all the best places to go and made sure we didnt relax waste any of our holiday.

Finally home, it was a bit strange to not be greeted by the dogs. They were in the kennels until I collected them the next day. For now, the house was quiet.