Return To Our Valley

We’re back in Singapore again! Our first flight was really not so bad. With the extra leg room it was very comfortable. We managed about an hour of sleep, which was good but maybe a mistake. Getting kicked off the plane in Changi it was hard to focus on where we needed to go.

I had been looking forward to taking the skytrain through the Jewel shopping centre, over the waterfall, but it had been stopped for the night. The delay in departing meant we should have arrived at 00:20 but we actually got there at 01:40. The skytrain stops each night at 01:30 for maintenance. Oh well, we get a bit of a walk.

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Travel Begins

We are organised people so we have made sure we have plenty of time to get the house organised after the mania of the last 2 weeks. Get things washed and put away, kitchen cleaned and fridge cleared. Take the bins out. You know, all the usual things you need to do before leaving the house for any length of time.

Except Aimi gets it all done in double quick time and then starts doing things like unplugging sockets that are turned off, and running a part filled dishwasher to get it done, so then we have to wash up our lunch plates by hand… 

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Beach Spotting

Its probably the anticipation that’s been building for weeks. I’m not nervous or worried or even particularly energetic about it yet. But I found myself awake this morning at about 03:30am. I sort of dozed and fidgeted for a while and couldn’t get back to sleep so ended up watching YouTube. We have been planning the next couple months for about a year, and its finally here. Sort of anti-climactically, the day we set off on this adventure has dawned, slowly and calmly.

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