Set Up Seats

I had already packed up the van with all the things I thought we would need for the party. So this morning was an easy job to get up and then drive down to Milton Keynes. But when I got to my van, the remote key wasn’t working and the radio wouldn’t turn on… I think the van had been sat still for 2 weeks too long and the battery was a bit flat? But it started just fine so off we went.

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Our Wedding Day

We have been up north for 4 days now and it’s been glorious every day. Barely a drizzle to dampen our mood. But obviously we have been checking the forecast for today for a long time and as it’s gotten closer it’s been more consistently saying it will be constant rain all day… and then, of course, the week following today is going to be glorious sun again.

Sure enough, as we rose this morning and had a little kiss, we could see the misty rain pouring down on the loch outside our window. Oh well, the house we are staying in is glorious so I’d not be disappointed to be married here. Then Aimi kicked me out of the bedroom.

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