Our Wedding Day

We have been up north for 4 days now and it’s been glorious every day. Barely a drizzle to dampen our mood. But obviously we have been checking the forecast for today for a long time and as it’s gotten closer it’s been more consistently saying it will be constant rain all day… and then, of course, the week following today is going to be glorious sun again.

Sure enough, as we rose this morning and had a little kiss, we could see the misty rain pouring down on the loch outside our window. Oh well, the house we are staying in is glorious so I’d not be disappointed to be married here. Then Aimi kicked me out of the bedroom.

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Meall Fuar-mhonaidh

This morning we felt no guilt indulging in a big Scottish breakfast with all the trimming (sans mushrooms for me). For a long time we have been having Haggis in place of black pudding because its just more tastey, but I have really come to like the potato scones that come with most breakfasts up here. They are like a more tough potato-y version of English pancakes. 

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Pootling Around Paperwork 

The White Bridge Hotel is such a nice quirky place. Its got an authentic highlands feel to it. A large glazed wooden door opens into a beautiful glazed and wood panelled porch. Here you are immediately welcomed with nostalgic memorabilia and framed faded photos of highland life. And helpfully, you’ll find a low bench and basket of towels for drying damp doggies before entering a dimly lit, but grand hallway. This is an amazing step back in time with stags antlers, paintings, book cases and cabinets of ancient jewelry adorning all surfaces. Its incredibly cluttered, yet wonderfully stuffed full of scottish charm. To one side, Harry Potter has left his trunk, broomstick and robe. 

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Beach Spotting

Its probably the anticipation that’s been building for weeks. I’m not nervous or worried or even particularly energetic about it yet. But I found myself awake this morning at about 03:30am. I sort of dozed and fidgeted for a while and couldn’t get back to sleep so ended up watching YouTube. We have been planning the next couple months for about a year, and its finally here. Sort of anti-climactically, the day we set off on this adventure has dawned, slowly and calmly.

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