E-bike Education

Aimi does not cope well with heat. Within 20 mins she was hot and bothered and considering going back to the Ninja house. I was hot and sweaty too, but sucking it up to find out what this tour was going to be like. It probably didn’t help that we had spent the morning in an air conditioned cocoon. When we stepped outside, the heat hit us like a humid wall. The differential felt like walking into a sauna, honestly it is really hot here, much more than we thought it would be.

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Our Wedding Day

We have been up north for 4 days now and it’s been glorious every day. Barely a drizzle to dampen our mood. But obviously we have been checking the forecast for today for a long time and as it’s gotten closer it’s been more consistently saying it will be constant rain all day… and then, of course, the week following today is going to be glorious sun again.

Sure enough, as we rose this morning and had a little kiss, we could see the misty rain pouring down on the loch outside our window. Oh well, the house we are staying in is glorious so I’d not be disappointed to be married here. Then Aimi kicked me out of the bedroom.

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A Perfect Day With Coffee & Coos

With no specific plans this morning and drizzle on the horizon, we took the time to enjoy a full cooked breakfast. It’s good fun cooking in the van, but with a stuffed belly, we soon needed to make a move, to make a movement. 

We headed back to Laggan, to the 24hr toilets and noticed people in the Coffee Bothy. This wonderful cafe unfortunately closed last year and we were really disappointed because it’s our favourite place to stop up here. 

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Aimi’s 3 Peaks Challenge

This trip is combined with Aimi tackling the infamous 3 Peaks Challenge. Shes also taking on doing it within 24 hours, a massive personal challenge that shes been training for for some time. 

Shes been ramping up the walk distances, work outs and running each day throughout the summer to be ready for it. She has some nerves about how hard is going to be. And yes it is going to be hard but I know she’s determined, fit and as long as she doesn’t throw a hissy fit like she did on Ben Lomond last weekend, she will be fine! 

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