Return To Our Valley

We’re back in Singapore again! Our first flight was really not so bad. With the extra leg room it was very comfortable. We managed about an hour of sleep, which was good but maybe a mistake. Getting kicked off the plane in Changi it was hard to focus on where we needed to go.

I had been looking forward to taking the skytrain through the Jewel shopping centre, over the waterfall, but it had been stopped for the night. The delay in departing meant we should have arrived at 00:20 but we actually got there at 01:40. The skytrain stops each night at 01:30 for maintenance. Oh well, we get a bit of a walk.

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Sheds, Trees and Good Deeds

I’m yet to do it, but “eat that frog” is a productivity trick explained in a book of the same title. It runs that an undesireable task (such as eating a frog) will take up the time you allow for it to be completed. It must be completed by a deadline, but is left till it absolutely has to be done and the pain of not doing it today becomes more than doing it. By avoiding undesirable (but often essential) tasks things take longer, so to be more productive you should do the thing you’re avoiding first. It also boosts motivation becasue everything else that day will be much nicer, now you’ve done the hard thing…. But I digress.

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Movie Review

Working as a well tuned machine, Aimi dealt with all the booking details and I moved stuff around the house and got it all done early before any more drama happened [ominous foreboding]  So Sunday turned into a Movie discovery day, trying a few of the ones you usually look at and think…”meh”… just in case they were actually any good.

They were not

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Log House

One of the benefits of living in the countryside is snuggling down with a hot cup of chocolate and a crackling fire on a cold winter’s night. Chuck a few logs on and warm up your toes after a brisk dog walk in the wet – there is nothing better.

But since we moved in, we have been using a garden shed to keep our logs dry and its practically falling down. It’s so wonky the door doesn’t shut properly, and so rotten that there are holes in the walls big enough for Kayto to walk through. Not ideal for storing something that needs to stay relatively dry.

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