Not So Relaxing Day Relaxing

2 solid days riding and one intense evening in a row finished me off physically so this morning dawned, and then 5 hours later I got up. This sounds horrendously lazy, but dawn in summer in Scotland is at about 4am.

Some tasty bagels later and apparently Aimi was still feeling energetic so got a lift to Fort William and tromped off up Ben Nevis on her own – nutter. I had a day of blogging, movie watching and bike maintenance planned, with no urgency and plenty of chatting and eating in between. 

Or so I thought…

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Inverse Karma

Have you ever tried to do something nice, and then immediately after, something bad happens?

Normally, for those who believe in such things, the act of doing something good builds a karma debt on the universe so that at some time in the future this is repaid with good things happening to you. Or at least that’s how I understand it? Do good things, and good things happen – Right?

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Trashy Blonde In Glencoe Woods

One of the major advantages of using an uplift service is that you haven’t had to spend 80% of your day pumping uphill – obviously. The not so obvious but really enjoyable side effect of this is that your butt hasn’t been pounded to death by an uncomfortable saddle. I’m not sure why MTB saddles have to be so uncomfortable but the day after a ride, my butt is usually so sore, I can’t look at a bike again. 

Butt today is feeling good! 

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Dyfi Bike Park

After a hard days ride uphill yesterday, today we were going to Dyfi bike park and getting an uplift. This is where you pay a chap to drive you and your mates up the hill in the back of a Landover, with the bikes in a trailer. You then spend 20 mins coming down the hill, back to the start, where you catch another Landy to the top again, rinse and repeat. So much easier than pedaling to the top, and before you say it’s cheating, I did enough uphill pedaling yesterday not to feel even slightly guilty about it!

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Snowdon Struggle

Well that was equal parts exhilarating and exhausting! 

It’s funny how the human mind has the capacity to ignore, and even forget, the suffering of the human body, when the suffering is in pursuit of a goal. For us, it was the summit of Snowdon. This was not the end goal, but actually the start of the reason we had travelled here; to descend on mountain bikes.

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