Dyfi Bike Park

After a hard days ride uphill yesterday, today we were going to Dyfi bike park and getting an uplift. This is where you pay a chap to drive you and your mates up the hill in the back of a Landover, with the bikes in a trailer. You then spend 20 mins coming down the hill, back to the start, where you catch another Landy to the top again, rinse and repeat. So much easier than pedaling to the top, and before you say it’s cheating, I did enough uphill pedaling yesterday not to feel even slightly guilty about it!

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Snowdon Struggle

Well that was equal parts exhilarating and exhausting! 

It’s funny how the human mind has the capacity to ignore, and even forget, the suffering of the human body, when the suffering is in pursuit of a goal. For us, it was the summit of Snowdon. This was not the end goal, but actually the start of the reason we had travelled here; to descend on mountain bikes.

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Yamaha Offroad Experience ’21

I had forgotten how much I like the smell of two-stroke, pine forest and sweat. 

The chap in front had brought his own bike which was just singing along. We blasted along the fire roads and every now and again he would give it a cheeky squeeze sending gravel shooting back at me. It wasn’t a race, we were heading to the next area of technical trail to tackle, so I just hung back and enjoyed the view, the smell and the experience of handling such a wonderful machine.

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Mountain Biking Beginnings

So I have a new hobby – Mountain biking – It started as a bit of a joke when Stephen said:

I’ll get a Motorbike, If you get a Mountain Bike…

I obviously agreed, thinking a motorbike is way more expensive than a mountain bike and while he may have some savings, it would be a while before he got a motorbike.

How wrong I was…

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Dragon Rally 2020

Stephen and I have a little joke… It dates back to long before this blog (was there even history before blogs?) to a time when mobile phones were black and white and you could only store 50 text messages before having to delete some…. Good times. Well, back in the day, Stephen and his long suffering parents invited me along with them on a camping holiday…

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