Hiroshima and the Atomic Bomb

I’m not sure how to write about this experience, what I saw or what I read here today. I feel lucky that I don’t understand how people can inflict such suffering and devastation on others. It goes against what I assume, perhaps wrongly, every person has inside them, a natural morality to do what is good. Seeing the photos of burnt bodies, the clothes with brown blood stains and black radio-active rain drops over them is sobering in the extreme. 

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Hiroshima Ho!

Finally, a sofa! My back! My butt! Oh the comfort!

Rain outside, big TV, kitchen that’s somehow smaller than before, but big enough to cook a meal (we actually had about an A4 sized bit of work surface this time!) so we stayed in, cooked spaghetti and watched Top Gun Maverick. And I have to say…

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Frantic Relaxing

This is our last day in Kyoto and we have seen all we want to. There have been plenty of Temples and Shrines to satisfy our interest for a good long while. So we just went into town ato an air conditioned shopping centre ( not the one attached to the station ) and to walk around, see what was there and get some lunch. We needed a break from our frantic researching anyway…

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E-bike Education

Aimi does not cope well with heat. Within 20 mins she was hot and bothered and considering going back to the Ninja house. I was hot and sweaty too, but sucking it up to find out what this tour was going to be like. It probably didn’t help that we had spent the morning in an air conditioned cocoon. When we stepped outside, the heat hit us like a humid wall. The differential felt like walking into a sauna, honestly it is really hot here, much more than we thought it would be.

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