Thailand is closer than you think

Last day of work has come, before we are off to get married. Aimi’s laptop was collected around 10am. She was done and dusted so went and pottered in the garden. She did a great job mowing the lawn and tidying up. I swept up the crumbs at lunch time, and it was done. This is last minute prep for a BBQ garden party with the stokie friends.

My work carries on going no matter what, so this morning I did what I could and then went and flew the drone around. It flies like “hot garbage” as one youtuber says. I think the 2.5 inch props are just too small for the heavier frame its wearing. But that’s a problem for my return…

After a quick trip to Aldi to get party supplies and a “Yay” cake for Kai, we walked kayto and then got ready. Tonight we are starting our wedding with a meal out in Alton, at The White Hart. Aimi even put on her sexy eyes. They do Thai food and it was so fucking hot amazingly tastey, I was shocked! We had Thai food at Giggling Squid a couple weeks back with Mike and Casey and I think our random tiny village pub beats it. I had Pad Prig Gaeng, which is a red Thai curry with an amazingly hot clean lemongrass flavour with Mhoo Ping skewers and prawn crackers. Aimi had Pad Grpow, a chicken vegetable and sweet basil stir fry dish with a side of coconut rice and spring rolls. 

Everything was so delicious, we will definitely be back. Although while this is good training, maybe we will order something less spicy next time. Aimi’s lips were glowing red by the end. This happened to be a perfect excuse to get ice-cream.

It will be interesting to see how different truly authentic Thai cuisine tastes from our local restaurant.