Last Night In Thailand

In an effort to use the day like a tourist and not get heat exhaustion again, we got up at 11 and then spent a few hours by the pool. This hotel has really impressed me considering we are paying so little per night. Its exceptionally clean, the girls on the desk are super welcoming and helpful, a view, a pool, the food and drink is great and while more expensive than a corner shack kitchen, its not tourist gouging. 

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Tumble Down Tonsai

“You asked for Railay, right? Because we are going the wrong way.” Is what I was thinking as the tuktuk drove off down the street.

I bought a boat ticket, why are we even in a tuktuk? Not long later we pull into a marina, of sorts, and boarded the longtail I was expecting. We then motored back past where the tuktuk had picked us up from the ticket office. Not sure what’s wrong with just marking off a section of beach for boats, like every other place. This was a needlessly long detour.

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Final Dives

Our last full day on Koh Tao and we head straight for our favourite breakfast spot. A bamboo restaurant nestled between concrete 2 housing blocks with a good view, and breeze, from across the bay. Aimi thinks it’s strange, but I was happy to find peanut butter and banana on toast on the menu. Which means it’s popular enough to not be strange!

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The Food Spectrum

Well… I say we are “get up and go” people, but the last few days have not shaken out that way. Again we rose late and being the laziest of all laziness, we had breakfast at the hotel. It was cheap and good (fresh fruit and yogurt) and allowed me to go straight back to the air conditioned room and do some much needed work.

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Islandy Hopping

Well we are ploughing thru money wayyyy faster than expected. Thailand is not as cheap as you’d expect… well not in the touristy expensive parts, which I guess is not that surprising after all. So while this is our honeymoon and some minimum level of comfort is required, we might need to curb some expenses and choose things a little more carefully.

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