Tumble Down Tonsai

“You asked for Railay, right? Because we are going the wrong way.” Is what I was thinking as the tuktuk drove off down the street.

I bought a boat ticket, why are we even in a tuktuk? Not long later we pull into a marina, of sorts, and boarded the longtail I was expecting. We then motored back past where the tuktuk had picked us up from the ticket office. Not sure what’s wrong with just marking off a section of beach for boats, like every other place. This was a needlessly long detour.

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Rest Day Run

We are off to another Via Ferrata today on Tres Cime De Lavaredo. We did not need to be super energetic this morning because we aren’t catching a cable car. A leisurely breakfast of spicy beans n eggs by Scott set us up nicely. The nice drive thru Cortina and up into the mountains was going great, but when we arrived at the road to the pass, it was shut!

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