Butterflies and Anxiety

Today we planned to go walking around town, so because it gets really hot, we tried to get out early. But hotel breakfasts are just great. There is so much choice but noticeably, no pork products. We suspect the influence of the Muslim society here. The closest thing they had was chicken sausages, which tasted pretty good. Or if that didn’t tickle your pickle, how about dahl curry… for breakfast?

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Attractive Engineering

We had had enough of the sketchy apartment so today we packed up and moved. We are going to a proper hotel, and its only costing us +£10 per night compared to this scabby place. Its remarkably cheap to get a REALLY nice hotel in Kuala Lumpur. We thought we would be smart and save a few quid with a cheap apartment, but you get what you pay for. Also, being a relatively cheap country, now is the time to enjoy some luxury. It’s our honeymoon afterall. We wont be able to afford it in more expensive countries.

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Batu Caves & Petronas Towers

This morning we ran out of water. The Air BnB didn’t provide any and we couldn’t find any reputable sources online to say whether you could drink the tap water, so we didn’t. We had what we had left after our dinner and as always, a salty pizza makes you thirsty so we drained what we had. Neither did we have any food. Therefore, this morning I was in full hunt and gather mode. Luckily this caveman didn’t have to roam far, or kill anything (even though the lobby pond was stocked with huge fish) because there was a convenient convenience store. 

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