Traders Sky Bar

Oh what mistake I’ve made.

In trying to conform to a smart casual dress code, I’ve worn my jeans and I’m sweating hard. I thought, like most other places here, the restaurant would be air conditioned. I was wrong. 

But while lacking air conditioning, it does have a spectacular view. The twin towers of Petronas are opposite us, across the park, lit up gloriously. These things are incredible. I remember watching programs like Extreme Engineering and Mega Structures on Discovery channel as a kid. I watched cartoons when I was really young, but I much preferred these programs as I got older. Taipei 101 in Taiwan stole the crown of Tallest Building from the Petronas Towers in 2004. But since 2001 attacks brought down the World Trade Center, these have regained the title as the tallest twin towers.

We were sitting in the Sky Bar atop Traders hotel. This is a confusing mix of Nightclub, Restaurant and Swimming Pool. Its loud, like a nightclub with music and lights and a DJ, but there is nowhere to dance because its got a pool filling what would be the dance floor. This is completely open and unguarded so I imagine people who have had a few too many may have fallen in. There is only a narrow walkway around the pool to access seating areas between columns. These create intimate booths and focus your view out the windows to the city and towers beyond. These booths obscure the view of anyone else at the windows and the lack of anyone dancing in the space taken by the pool give the nightclub an empty feeling. 

We ordered some food from the confusing menu and were surprised when it came that its basically small tapas food. So I immediately ordered 2 more plates and after a short while a huge plate with burger and chips came out with an extra portion of chips I’d ordered because I thought it was a tapas menu. 

We had prawn tempura on a melon and mango bed, cauliflower falafel, wagyu burger and chips and some more sweet potato chips. It was all excellent and very reasonably priced considering the exclusive venue. Kuala Lumpur is definitely a place you can get luxury on the cheap, from a westerners point of view.

Not much to say about the daytime activities. After such a long day yesterday, we rose really late and then had a chilled day in front of the TV (that took aimi multiple hours to figure out how to use after I’d given up), up in the pool on the roof and I got some work done too. Below is my miserable attempt at lunch after having melted a packet of food in the microwave.