Recovery Food

What a great night! There is no waiting around in pubs for the clubs to get “good” at midnight, like in the UK. Here, everything kicks off at 7pm as soon as the sun sets. So when we got in at about 2am, that had been a great but long night partying. The beach was still in full swing but we were fucked.

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Sweaty Bags

I hope I get used to this heat. My word, its sticky. My whole body is just coated and stuck to every other part of my body. I don’t remember it being this hot last time i was here,  but that was the other end of the year, the dry season. We are here during rainy season. Might as well be called sweaty season!

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Landed In Grey

Whooshing along the raised metro, I could see the lights of the airport approaching. Like the crescendo of the penultimate notes of a symphony, they grew brighter and bigger, the rumblings of planes adding voluminous bass to the finish. A single tone and a long tirade of Thai announced our arrival. I disembarked from the rollercoaster I had been on for the last 2 months into the alien yet familiar surroundings of an international airport – they all look the same.

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