Rainstorms & Sunsets

We had kept it a quiet one last night. Not the “let’s just have a quiet one” after work on a Friday. That never ends up being either quiet or just one. We had had a long day and so just a few beers and a stroll before bed was nice. This meant we were up comparatively early, for Haad Rin, and could go exploring today.

We rented a scooter and I took Aimi on the back to the other end of the island. Here was a small island only connected to ours by a thin strip of sand. It was beautiful and too much to resist, so I went in for a quick dip.

It was great to cool off in the breeze after my dip with a mango smoothie. Speaking of the breeze, it was picking up. We could see a storm rolling in and there was no way we would make the trip back without getting rained on. So we sat and watched as it got closer and closer, rain getting heavier and coming in sideways under the tin roof of the cafe. Finally there was a break and we ducked out to go and find the 360 bar I went to last time. 

Now called Club 420 Bar (because everything is to do with cannabis now it’s legalised) it was up a VERY steep concrete track to a partially constructed hotel/restaurant/bar at the top. Its significantly better than last time I came. Now there is actually a bar here serving all your Thai favourites from Singa beer, to coconut water, to pad thai. We got ourselves another smoothie (mango again for me) and settled in to watch the sunset. It really is the perfect place for a sunset now it’s been developed a little. Squashy bean bags on platforms to lift you just high enough to get an uninterrupted view. Cold drinks and chill music bring just enough people “in the know” to give atmosphere without being rammed. And the food was actually really good. Can’t go wrong with a sunset dinner. There was even entertainment in the form of a hyperactive cat chasing straws around and generally frolicking.

That evening the hostel was having a pre-drinking party for people going to Jungle. There was a load of UV body paints out and people were getting plastered in patterns. We did the same, each painting each others face. And then we realised that just sitting there we were sweating buckets, let along moving or dancing. Not being able to wipe your face was a nightmare so we took a photo and then quickly washed it off. Our next masterpieces were on our arms. I was gifted Thanos’s Infinity Gem Gauntlet by Aimi. I gave her a Pokeball on her shoulder and the best Pikachu i could do. It was not perfect, but at least I think he’s recognisable?

We had planned to go to Jungle party, but at 1500B each (£35) plus the taxi there and back, it was quite expensive. And that’s before you are trapped in the jungle being bitten to death and subject to extortionate drinks prices… it’s a visual spectacle, but one I’ve done before and Aimi didn’t fancy it either. But we were painted up and the music was playing down on the beach. A very tasty pizza ended the night.