The Tale Of The Ducati – Pt.5

The email to Ducati clung to my fingers as they reluctantly depressed the keyboard rhythmically…

I had to get another document that was identical to the one they had already supplied, apart from one, minor difference. I hated every moment of it, because I knew that the request was completely unreasonable and that the poor secretary who, until this point, had been very nice and helpful, would shortly think I was being ridiculous for the sake of annoying her…

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The Tale Of The Ducati – Pt.4

What came next, was the most vexing and pointless application of bureaucracy I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.

After checking off each of the points on the rejection letter I had received, I was confident that I had met all their requirements. I expected the next letter from the DVSA to be a bog standard template letter with my name at the top and a Registration assignment somewhere in the middle.

Apparently not….

The reasons, as you will shortly find out, caused me to literally seethe with anger. I’ve never seethed before. I may have hummed or growled with minor annoyance, but never seethed. I’m quite a calm person I like to think, but what followed next brought my blood up to boiling temperature as I achieved a level and intensity of anger known only as SEETHING…

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The Tale Of The Ducati – Pt.1

Once upon a time a plucky young man decided to go on a journey. It would take him far away from home to a place of Wonder and Excitement. Amazing things he would see and Fantastic Experiences he would have on his journey. This place he travelled to was called…

New Zealand

And while it would bring the most entertaining tales to tell, it has a tragic and costly ending….

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Landed In Grey

Whooshing along the raised metro, I could see the lights of the airport approaching. Like the crescendo of the penultimate notes of a symphony, they grew brighter and bigger, the rumblings of planes adding voluminous bass to the finish. A single tone and a long tirade of Thai announced our arrival. I disembarked from the rollercoaster I had been on for the last 2 months into the alien yet familiar surroundings of an international airport – they all look the same.

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Kiwi Christmas

This family DO Christmas. And they do it properly. All the food, all the games, all the presents. I was not really feeling Christmassy all around the country. The are no dark days, huddles around the pubs fire with mulled wine, and the German Market don’t come this far out. Who worries about putting on factor 50 sunscreen at Christmas time?! But the quantity of lights, tinsel and food in that house brought it to life. Even in the middle of summer.

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