Beach Spotting

Its probably the anticipation that’s been building for weeks. I’m not nervous or worried or even particularly energetic about it yet. But I found myself awake this morning at about 03:30am. I sort of dozed and fidgeted for a while and couldn’t get back to sleep so ended up watching YouTube. We have been planning the next couple months for about a year, and its finally here. Sort of anti-climactically, the day we set off on this adventure has dawned, slowly and calmly.

We haven’t really got too much to do today. There are piles of stuff dotted around, ready to pick up, pack into the car and tick off my list. So it was a relatively stress free morning pottering around. Being organised has its advantages.

We are driving 5 hours north to somewhere in Northumberland for 2 nights. We are taking our time, enjoying the countryside and deliberately keeping stress levels low. It’s something we have designed into our wedding planning (apart from the family party which might be a bit manic) because we have seen couples run a bit ragged approaching the big day and we don’t fancy that. We are just following the A1 north, listening to music and beach spotting as we go. 

Oh, and stopping off in the layby where Aimi was born for a quick selfie. 

Checking into the hotel proved the rule; Aimi has a knack for finding the best things. It’s a beautiful Georgian mansion, restored to a great standard and only opened a year ago so everything is basically perfect.

We checked in and then took kayto for a quick walk to Scotland. And back again. The hotel overlooks the sea from atop big sandstone cliffs. It’s only a short walk down thru a holiday park to the coastal path and then just half a mile to the border. It was a nice way to stretch our legs before dinner.

Speaking of which… Aimi started with a gin martini (which was a mistake) and we played dominoes waiting for our table. Just as we started a 1000 piece jigsaw, to be optimistically finished tomorrow, we started dinner. It was very good, and very fancy food, that I won’t even try to explain here. Needless to say it was a classy way to start our wedding celebrations.