Ridge Walk

Well not sure why that got all the rave reviews on google. I try not to have expectations, but the reviews and then locals we met had all said the ridge was “really beautiful” and “amazing”. But it was just an overgrown path that you could have found behind any council estate set of garages. Except this one had a few palm trees…

After a lot of waiting and crowd dodging, I got this one good photo. The view was ok, but getting to the ridge walk actually ended up being far more interesting.

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Ubud Exploration

We woke up in paradise. There is no other way to describe it. 

We look out of bed thru the mozi nets into the villa at the huge vaulted ceiling and exposed thatch and wood beams. There is some white chiffon netting over the windows around 3 sides leading out to the leafy garden. Over the stone garden wall topped with a lichen coated chubby monkey, is the lush green valley dropping off steeply. 

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Botanic Gardens

Reflected in the pool is the landscape we have seen for almost a month. Infact, there is very little land in this scape, we are in a city. The towering blocks loom over this small patch of sunlight I’m enjoying while writing. But soon it will pass behind another tower, and there will only be concrete and glass to look at.

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Trees and Flowers and Clouds

All cities underground trains are better than the UK… Literally all of them. We invented the underground train, why do we suck at it?! Once again we board a beautifully clean train, in a huge open and light station, where the platform edge is protected by barriers that open for the train doors. Even better this time, the trains are driven by computer, so there is no one to go on strike and you can see out the front. 

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Turns out I’m a side sleeper. Even on cold, hard, brightly lit, noisy places with people and baggage walking past. I can still sleep. I made a pillow out of my shoes, with a jumper on top and lay the arm of it over my face to block out some light. Aimi had the moderately softer upholstered bench thing above me, and we had enough sleep to get us through the day. 

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