Turkish Coincidence

It was the first day of an entirely new way of traveling holidaying. It’s so far from my version of travelling but I’m willing to give it a go. After breakfast we met our holiday rep, Charlie. She talked us through various excursions we could do and we booked a few.

I had been really excited about doing paragliding but when you could spend a day on a boat, with food and drinks and 2 scuba dives for £50, a 30 min paraglide for £100 was just unacceptable. Maybe another time…

We had already been cornered by the hotel spa manager who had given us the full tour. A Turkish bath has lots of things to be done to you. It’s so inventive the ways they come up with to get you as clean as possible. I definitely wanted to do one and convinced Aimi to get one with a massage with me. It’s a weird sensation having a strong black woman scour and knead my body with a brillo pad. Then they fill a soapy pillow case with air and squeeze it through to create huge bubble blobs that they layer onto your body. It was really funny laying there on White marble slab, covered in foam watching aimi ‘s awkward grimace as a Thai lady in a tea towel rubbed her body. She’s not keen on massages but we did one anyway and it was really nice. Other than me being a bit sensitive about my knee, my black lady’ s strong hands did good work on my tension and knots. So good in fact, i fell asleep, which was wonderful. Aimi was not impressed by this.

After dinner, that evening we walked into the local town. The rep said it gets lit up and animated like black pool beach which i thought was an over statement, but she wasn’t lying! It was like Las Vegas with neon signs and themed restaurants and bars pumping out loud music

We meandered down the road, looking at the sights, till something absolutely bananas caught my eye. Coming out of a jewellery shop was Harry and Gen! I couldn’t believe it, what were the odds of coming to Turkey at the same time as them AND bumping into them in the street! Gen had mentioned this place because her and her parents come here a lot. I’d briefly looked at the area before I got busy with work and handed the holiday booking over to Aimi.

They were as shocked as we were and so we spent the night chatting in a local bar. Harry bet me 100 British pence that I wouldn’t go up to the GOGO dancer in the cafe and sexy dance with him…

Im now £1 richer.