The Holiday That Finally Came


After rebooking and changing and checking and testing and hoping it would happen, the morning arrived for us to start our holiday.

I’m going to write about what happened for this holiday in fairly short sections, basically because I’m going to be having way too much fun to spend an hour each day writing it all up. Only where important *wink* or really interesting stuff happens, will there be any great detail. If you want to know more… go to Mexico, deal?

Today was a full day of traveling. Drive to the airport, randomly bump into Adrian (?!), flight to Mexico, bus transport to the hotel, golf caddie to the apartment.

I’ve got a deal with Aimi that any flights under 5 hours, I’m happy to go cattle-class and just be uncomfortable. But Mexico is 10 hours so we upgraded to Premium Economy, which so far as I can tell, is business class! Omg it was definitely worth it. Legroom. LEGROOM. Even for a 6ft 2in monster like me. And table clothes, and metal cutlery and glass glasses and really good food, and names alcohol in your drinks included! Yes it’s a bit more to spend but it started the holiday early and my god, it made the flight SOOOOO much more comfortable. Do it on the next flight, I promise you, you’ll thank me.

After a relatively relaxing, if long, journey to Mexico, it felt like we then spent the same amount of time getting out of the terminal. I’m very glad i have even a modicum of protection from the Covid Vaccine because we were stood in a sweaty baggage reclaim atrium with about 500 other sweaty people, all crushed up against each other as we tried to get into a queue line to pass thru just 2 customs scanners…. There is no way you were getting thru that without catching something. Come on Mexico, this is the first interaction with your country, let’s make the welcome a bit more enjoyable next time yeah?

After check-in and dumping our stuff in the apartment we went in search of food. Our body clocks Told us it was about midnight, but since we had eaten it had been 2 hours on the plane, 2 hours getting thru customs and then a 2 hour transfer before another hour faffing and checking in and finding the restaurant… we were hungry and tired. Curry was the speciality this evening and normally I’d be keen to try all the bits and bobs that the buffet had to offer, but we just got some meat, sauce and rice, stuffed it down, and then passed out asleep as soon as our heads hit the bed.