Sun Burn

Well here starts our last days of relaxation before returning to reality. 

Some of reality has already started catching up with us. Various emails have started drifting in, like Aimi’s new job and some mortgage stuff I’ve needed to look at. Some practicalities have needed to be arranged like transport to the airport, picking up Kayto and insuring the motorbike so we have a vehicle to use to return the hire car. 

As an aside, we are hiring a car for a one way journey from Heathrow to Stoke on Trent. This is because for 2 people it’s only marginally more expensive, but we get the benefit of not having to dick about on multiple trains through London and Birmingham that may or may not be cancelled, and we can go direct door to door. These are not really honeymoon topics of thought, but a bit of planning and work now, will make landing back in real life a little less bumpy.

We are spending our time in this hotel relaxing. That means eating the good food, enjoying the good weather and lounging around the pool. We aren’t really lounge around the pool people so, while we had the book, the phone, the sunnies and the drinks, we forgot one important item. 


You’d think after 2 months of putting it on most days that we would have thought of it?! But we literally spent the whole day in the shade on sun loungers (maybe a hint in the name?) chatting, kissing, listening to music and burning… apparently.

When we finally went back in at about 4pm, we had started turning pink and after a shower we were full red. Aimi managed to contain the redness to her breasts. This gave me a great excuse, when caught looking at them, that I was concerned for her health. To be honest they were almost glowing, so it was hard to ignore! My burn, on the other hand spread evenly across my chest, shoulders and down the top of my arms. It left a nice unburnt shadow line around the sides of my boobs and under arms. It was like someone had dropped pint paint on me from above. My receding hairline had also gotten a good dose of sun, but having been exposed all this trip, I don’t think it burnt. I may just look a little like I’ve been tango’d.

This evening I chose to wear a red t-shirt to try and downplay my skin’s redness. Aimi wore light orange and actually looked tanned for once. We had hidden in our room and ordered room service last night, after the incredibly long drive. There was a dancing display on, but we were not in the mood. We can appreciate the cultural significance of the music, but it just sounds bad to our ears. So tonight we got to enjoy dinner in the restaurant. This hotel is really well laid out because it overlooks the pool and the view. And the food is exceptional. I had probably one of the top 5 steaks of my life here. 

We spent the evening eating well and trying to decide our favourite moments from the trip. We have done so much, narrowing it down to just one thing in each place was really hard