Pool & Pool

I don’t want to be one of those guys who’s stories always start this way but…

Dude, last night I was so wasted!

I was past drunk, in that horrible place you only go by mistake. Where the room spins and you just have to hold on and let your body try and sort out the mess you have made.

Luckily the worst past in the night and having had enough sense to partially drown myself in water before falling asleep, i woke up without a headache. I didn’t have a headache but I was definitely unstable. I wobbled down to road and got some toast and a fruit shake. Before that even arrived, I was in the toilet finding out what my insides looked like. I was so delicate i just came back to the hostel and watched TV and drank water, feeling slowly better.

The turning point was “lunchtime” at about 4pm. I went to House of Hummus and, still feeling wobbly, ordered just some hummus and veg to nibble on slowly. This sorted me right out along with the company of a large, interesting girl. She was “completely over it” but proceeded to tell me in great detail how this girl was trying to steal her man. But she was over it so it was fine, totally fine… Bitch

We headed to another hostels bar because it had a free pool table and here I met some really cool people. Derek, a construction worker in Canada building a hydro-electric dam and Ace, a spunky Thai girl who works in another hostel. There was also Niki, Josh, Jack, Jacob and Andrew, but I wouldn’t be able to pick those guys out of a crowd anymore. This bar was so much more relaxed than where I was staying. I had deliberated chosen a party hostel for the evenings but during the day it was nice to be able to chill and hang out with people; find your next night’s dancing buddies. We had a great time playing pool and telling stories and learning about each other while easing ourselves back into party mode.

When we reached a level that we needed more of a dance than this place, we had back to Dancing Elephant, my hostel. Here we played some beer pong and met Gemma and Flora who had heard of a pool party going on at a hotel down the road. I stashed all my valuables and grabbed the gopro and we set off. It was a bit of a walk and we hadn’t seen it advertised so Flora was taking a bit of a social risk leading us here. We rounded the corner and found the thumping beat and flashing lights of a perfect pastiche of the American frat party.

It was INCREDIBLE and everything you could hope for at a pool party. It had absolutely hooned it down with rain while at dancing elephant. I was wet through anyway so hurled myself directly in the water! The music was so much better here than at Jungle, it actually had some tune to it that I could recognise and sing along to a bit. But most importantly it was mixed up expertly by the DJ’s so flowed seamlessly together keeping the energy high. We raved on and on, dancing in the pool, doing jumps and splashes late into the night.