New Year Sunrise

Last night was meant to be a quieter one after recovering from the jungle. It also mostly occurred this morning so the days are starting to blur together. It was actually a far less intoxicating night, just because we spent most of it dancing like loons in the pool. This meant I felt pretty good this morning and ready for the big new years party.

This new year lines up very closely with the normal full moon party. There are also run up parties each night and hangover parties to go to. If you didn’t have to sleep, you could keep going for at least 6 days straight, there is always a party going on here!

I got up and found my way to my favorite Vegan restaurant, House of Hummas. I am against the concept of veganism as a lifestyle, but when your abusing your body, you sometimes just need a big plate of veg.

Sitting there chilling out, Derek and Ice came past so we had a coffee and went to play pool. They are so easy to get along with and fun to drink with. Travelling around NZ I was moving on everyday so didn’t really make any depth of friendships. I’m glad now I’m in one place for a week I’ve found a little group to hang out with. We are also developing a nice routine to recover from the mayhem each night.

And this night promises some mayhem. With all boats enroute to Koh Pangan full, the small village filled up rapidly and soon you couldn’t move for people. Again I made the wise choice to leave my phone behind for the main event but took a walk and a few photos to capture the calm before the storm. I met a cute girl and got a few Instagram photos with her, fully knowing once the party started I’d never find her again. I say started but there was no kick off time, it just sort of evolved into existence. As people arrived, they started drinking and getting louder and more animated till all the roads leading to, and the beach itself was crammed with people.

In our little group we managed to get down to the beach just in time for the fireworks. They went off just as we arrived, like a starting gun, everyone kissed everyone and then just danced. Everyone in all directions danced, filling the beach to the point waves were licking at our feet. Inevitably we all got separated so Gemma and I systematically worked our way down the beach. We stopped in each bar for a few songs until we found the sweet spot. Music was being blasted out behind some wooden stalls between two major clubs. I couldn’t see any DJ but they kept the energy so high and the music was just fantastic, we stayed there about 2 hours, non stop raving. It was AWESOME!

By this point it was 4am and we had been going for about 6 solid hours. It was beginning to show and we still hadn’t found anyone else so went up to the bar on the rock. This bar was situated, as it says on the tin, in an elevated position at one extreme end of the beach. We got comfy on some recliners in the terrace and just people watched till the sun rose.

We were really happy to have survived and made sunrise. We stayed and chatted with an American dude about bed bugs for a while before a quick chicken burger and bed at 8am… what day is it again?