There wasn’t really any sleep to be had so I got up again. People were getting in after us and in even worse state so the dorm was full of noise. Noise ranging from packing bags to spewing into bags. Maybe I had 2 or 3 hours if I’m lucky, but today is a chill out day so I’m sure I’ll be fine.

I wound my way over to house of Hummas again… its becoming an addiction. There are so many different drugs on the island I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something funny in those falafel. There is a strong dichotomy of attitudes to drugs here. Socially and out partying its almost expected that you want to take some sort of mind altering substance. Discussions about what order to take them and how much are openly discussed just as you would discuss the weather. I’m something of a novelty that I don’t touch any of it, and get strange sideways looks when they ask. The hostels know full well that people come here for it and have a public attitude of zero tolerance but it’s more just “don’t ask, don’t tell”. And of course lastly, the police/military are pulling people over on the roads and even shut down a club called Mushroom Mountain. The owner of that club must have been seriously pissed off as these festivals are the only time there is any money on the island. Rumours were thick in the air about them not paying off the police enough to turn a blind eye.

Today there was advertised another Jungle party. Writing these posts the morning after the night before means all the opinions and thoughts are of the moment. So there isn’t much structure to the blog and also I end up changing my opinion on things, like Jungle party. There is no doubt I had a good time, I’m pretty out there and will have a good time with whatever happens. Now I have experienced the other parties on the island I know that Jungle was not my favourite. The venue and set up is awesome but the music was not really what I wanted. There were plenty of others that love that music, but it was a bit same same for me so wasn’t too jazzed about doing it again. This seemed to be the prevailing theme in the hostel, to have a chilled out evening tonight and then hit the Full Moon party hard tomorrow night.

Clocking onto this vibe, and in celebration of finishing a new hostel project, the owners put on a chilled BBQ for us all. It was held across the island at their sparkly new hostel on the beach. It had a really jazzy beach/club look to it, complete with gigantic 3D pink elephant coming out of the wall in the bar. I can only imagine the terror that will cause to anyone tripping on acid…

We just missed the sunset unfortunately because the taxis were poorly organised but no worries, the food was excellent. Loads of salad and chicken which was really tasty. At one point some dogs chased a rat across the sand. Everyone stopped to watch as the circle of life unfolded before us to the sounds of yapping and squeaking. Some of us started to question the origin of our chicken after this!


It was only about 9pm by the time we headed back to our side of the island. Some new people had arrived and so the hostel was pumping out the street party. It was loud so no one was going to be sleeping through that and people were enjoying themselves. I therefore made myself stay up till 1am by hearing back over to the pool party venue to see if anything was going off. It was, but not to the same level as before. Still, it was a good laugh and because I wasn’t drinking, I learnt to backflip into the water.  +1 new life skill point!