End Of Our Honeymoon

What have I done?! Why am I contorted into these shapes? I’ve spent the last 30 minutes with my weight on my hands. My hands are not used to my weight! Who’s idea was it to do yoga?!

Me. I decided to subject myself to this on holiday. I could be snug as a bug for another hour, but instead I’m here. Its great, but in a relief sort of way, not during. Yesterday and the day before must have been preparing me for this. It started easy, with a nice smile. Then it got harder and more instructive. Today I’m stretching parts of me I didn’t know could be stretched! By the end, I had a full sweat going. I should have guessed it would be harder. When I turned up, the yoga instructor was upside down standing on his head.

I joined Aimi for breakfast in the pavilion. We were lucky enough to get a table overlooking the view, for the final time. It was even more atmospheric today, with light rain and misty clouds pondering their way down the valley below us. Sunlight broke through in places, lighting up the different greens of the forest that framed the villas. The beautifully carved floral designs of the wooden shutters, painted and faded by sunlight blending wonderfully with the foliage. Moss and lichen creeping up the stonework, statues, and onto the terracotta roof tiles. It all came together with the glistening blue green pool beneath us. I sat across from my gorgeous wife, with her fuzzy gold hair and shy awkward smile and painted this picture on the inside of my skull. I’m a fortunate guy to be able to travel to these wonderful places with such a wonderful woman. 

We took our time enjoying breakfast. They provide so much, I don’t know how people finish it all. I mean I finished it all, but only because it’s so tasty. We were absolutely stuffed by the end and just sat for half an hour, sipping cocktails (that look like bloody poop) enjoying the view. It’s checkout today and we I’m in no rush to start the packing up process. At least it’s the last time. 

I say “I’m” not in a rush because our flight doesn’t leave till 21:45. However we are starting our journey to the airport at 13:00… Given the average speeds we have experienced on this island, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the estimated 1 hour 30 mins, turned into 2 hours and 30 mins or even 3 hours. So that means we should only arrive about 6 hours early… I managed to squeeze in one more dip in the pool before Aimi’s looks boiled it dry. I showered, packed up, we checked out and got in the car. Of course today, the travel time estimate was accurate so now we have 7 hours to kill… We have enjoyed playing Uno on this trip, but there are limits. 

Its always a little nervy these days whether you get a meal onboard the plane. Our ticket just said “onboard menu” which is a little ambiguous. Is it included or not? So after checking in and using my best British charm to get us free extra legroom seats on one of the flights, we found a restaurant. Ramen is a favourite but when it turned up it was practically inedible. It wasn’t hot, yet the noodles were way over done, and the broth was basically just salt water. I could go on. It takes a lot for me to reject food but after a couple mouthfuls I passed. I’ve had better noodle soup at a road side shack in the arse end of nowhere in Vietnam. This was a place where the kitchen and toilet share the same hole in the ground for water. It was bad, so I went to get a blueberry muffin. Bit of a shame our last meal here was so bad when the hotel food was so good Or have we so easily become accustomed to 5 star food?

In the end we ended up waiting 8 and a half hour at the airport because our flight was delayed an hour. Maybe not all of them could have been on a sun lounger sipping questionably coloured cocktails with a view, but some could have been. But this is a honeymoon, so whatever my love wants, she can have.