Relaxation Culmination

Dawn broke, and I was up early again for some yoga. Aimi was all curled up in bed sleeping, so I snuck out and down to the studio.

There was a different yoga teacher today who was a lot less smiley but more instructive. She was happy to tell us what we were doing wrong and make sure we had the correct positions. This workout was a lot more intense than the smiley ladies yoga session yesterday. By the end I had worked up a bit of a sweat. But like yesterday’s yoga session it ended with a few minutes of silent meditation lying on our backs.

After putting in some effort and feeling my body all stretched out this was quite nice. Especially with the sound of the river running by and birds shuffling around in the thatch. One bird in particular kept coming back to the thatch above my head searching for the best bits for its nest. It would fly up and burrow into the thatch, shuffling around and pulling a bits until it found one it liked.

Once the yoga session was over, the instructor was happy to take some photos. I couldn’t resist pulling out all my best moves. What do you think? (Ignore my holiday belly)

We have a couple of days in this hotel and whilst we could book to go out and do things it’s actually quite nice just staying here and relaxing. It’s such a nice hotel that we don’t really want to go out anywhere. Especially given that all the reviews of the attractions that we would normally like to go and see, say that they are rammed packed full of tourists and people shouting at you to buy things. That’s not really how we want to end our honeymoon so we are spending the day relaxing by the pool and playing Uno again. It doesn’t make for a very interesting blog post but that’s what we’re doing.

We stayed in the shade, mostly playing Uno. Swam in the pool and when lunch rolled around, we shared a pizza. All the while enjoying the warmth and the view from the deck. Rarely do brochure photos live up to the reality but this hotel really is amazing. I would fully recommend coming to this Pramana Watu Kurung. You will not be disappointed.

Later that afternoon I took the last opportunity I had to go and get a massage. This was also by far the best massage I had during our whole trip. I was greeted with a cold drink of sweet mint tea in a snazzy grasshopper cup. Then I was led through and offered what must be the standard dinner lady hair net pants that everybody likes to wear out here. Again I turned that down in favour of just wearing my dinosaur pants. After an hour of full body massage they finish up with working on your hands and arms and head. I was laying on my back at this point and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep.

While I was off getting a massage Aimi was enjoying the large bathtub in our room. It’s some sort of resin stone, floor standing and almost peanut shaped. Unfortunately the plug doesn’t quite seal properly so it drains when you don’t want it to. But I managed to “fix” it by putting a plastic bag in the hole and jamming the plug down. It’s big enough for two unlike our bath at home, which despite the look of the thing, barely fits one person comfortably. It was a relatively cheap Facebook marketplace purchase so we are considering changing it for something a little bit more spacious as Aimi loves her baths.

This evening, as a final indulgence, I thought I’d go for the second most expensive dish on the menu (£13.50). I got a beautifully cooked and spiced Tasmanian salmon steak, with salad and basil pesto and parmesan on fresh spaghetti. It was incredible. Aimi decided to have tomato stir thru sauce on pasta… it may as well have come out of a tin…. troglodyte.