Refreshing Dive

I’m never going to get tired of having breakfast outside. It’s something that I really love doing as often as possible because we have a great view from our patio. But it’s England, so only when the weather’s good enough, there is direct sun and I can convince Aimi it’s warm enough. It just makes breakfast that little bit more special, like you’re on holiday staying at a quaint little B&B. This holiday we have had breakfast outside pretty much every day, and not only outside, but on the beach, under palm trees and the morning sun. I could get used to this…

But today we had to get our butts in order and get back to Akumal. I’d found a dive school and we had a scuba session booked. We started with a refresher session that just went over the basics in the classroom (palm shaded bench by the side of the shop) then in the shallow water. We spent a couple hours doing all the basics like setting up the kit, checking it, clearing your mask, hand signals, air management, buoyancy… etc. I did my dive training 3 years ago now and only done 2 dives in Turkey since. I tried to get some pool time with a club in the UK before coming out here but Covid and my busy schedule made it impossible, so I’m glad we did this.

We then headed out to the boat and went out to the reef for a proper dive. It was absolutely AMAZING! We went further out and the water was so much clearer and there was loads of coral and plant life to see. Then, we saw one, a beautiful turtle in its natural habitat, free to roam around as he wanted and not hounded by tourists. We kept a respectful distance as he wafted by, flanked by some hangers on fish. It was amazing and before we knew it ANOTHER turtle swam into view! If the holiday has ended right then, I would have been satisfied, it was awesome.

In total we saw about 4-5 turtles that dive and as sods law would have it, I had forgotten my GoPro camera! Oh well, perfect excuse to come out diving again! (photos are from 2 days in the future)

Aimi had been a bit reluctant to go diving because she’s already going deaf and in Turkey had some trouble equalising her ears on the descent. Today was the same, it took her a bit of time to get to the bottom and equalise properly but once she was down there everything was great. So we booked on again tomorrow.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing by the pool. No need to tell you how much we are enjoying doing nothing, it’s pure luxury for us to be able to switch off from our busy jobs and lives for a while.