Personal Pool

Once again we went full Holiday German and got out early to nab a sun bed, by the pool this time. It took some strategic thinking about what to leave out to mark our spot that was cheap enough it didn’t matter if it got nicked, but clearly indicated the bed was taken. An old pair of sunglasses, sun cream, sarong and some nearly finished drinks… that should do the trick.

Now we could spend as long as we liked at breakfast and because today was just going to be pool and napping we gorged ourselves. The food here has all been fantastic. There is a wonderful pastry that is sort of strawberry cheesecake in a sugar topped pastry pouch. Greggs needs to get some of these in, they are amazing! And along with a full English breakfast, they even have proper hash browns! If they had Branston baked beans I don’t think we would come home.

We spent the morning napping and digesting while enjoying our premium spot in the sun. After enough time had passed that I felt enthusiastic again I went and joined in a beach Volleyball game. It was a really good laugh and fun to dive around trying to keep the ball off the sand. My enthusiasm got me some grazed knees and elbows but it was nice to do something physical after so much laying around.

When I got back to the sun bed I was knackered and just joined Aimi napping. After about 30-40 mins I was getting restless again so rolled over and randomly found a medium (not small, not large, medium) sized stone in my trunks?! I think I was so covered in sand and sweat from the game that when I went and washed off in the sea it must have hitched a ride.

There wasn’t anything planned for today so after enough time in the sun we retired to the room. I’ve not mentioned it yet, but our room was MAHOOSIVE. Loads of space, a big TV, huge wardrobe, dining table for 2 and… AND… a Whirlpool Bath!! With nothing else planned, it seemed rude to ignore the bath that was big enough for 2.

That evening we had a wonderful dinner at the Mexican restaurant. (Altho we are in Mexico, so surely all restaurants are mexican restaurants…?) The waiter followed our meal with some Mexican spiced coffee. It had cinnamon, orange and something else in it and was drunk black. Very tasty indeed, it was sort of like the coffee equivalent of mulled wine. I would have drunk it all but we have a busy day tomorrow.