Tengs and Fleaks

Buon Ma Thuot to Ngoc Hoi

Ever played the game – Teng? Its a new game we invented where you have to find the cashpoint with cash in it and your card only allows 3 transactions a day. Re-stocking their machines seems to be a monthly thing and everyone is frustrated about it. Especially me as im now down to my last 100,000 Dong (snigger) about £3, such a wierd currency!

Im gunna say it – Over the last few days we have experienced what sitting on a vibrating park bench would be like for 5 hours. This park bench had some particularly good views but my arse is in tatters. The prospect of riding another 250km today on it is unpleasant. However, if we want to get to Hoian for the light festival we have to power through. I’m thinking of investing in a plush seat to sooth my complaining bottom.

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Scortching along

Nah Trang to Buon Ma Thout

The wheels on the bike go round and round.. All day long… All day long from Latrang to Boun Ma Thuot. This was a long hot day.

The main road out was Boring© so we split off and into the heart of rural Vietnam. The road passed little villages and loads of rice fields. The locals use the road as a nice hot flat surface to dry the rice in the sun. It works really well but you get all the worlds vehicles fumes doseing them so I’m not sure how clean/healthy.

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Downhill Racer

Dalat to Nha Trang

Do we go to Nha Trang or not? There were mixed reviews coming from all the travellers we met. Some said it was the best night out ever, others said it was a scummy city with not much going on. In the end the map decided it for us when we zoomed in and found the twistiest road iv ever seen. That sold it to us and then someone reccomended a hostel so we were sorted.

It was a long hot slog out of Dalat passing millions of poly-tunnels. The city is the vietnamese favorite holiday destination in the mountains. It must be a thousand meters or so up and it noticably cooler, helped by the whole town being built around a massive lake. Im not sure if its natural or damed up but its a really lovely place to walk. Its also the city of love and has a massive flower production industry all grown in poly-tunnels.

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100 Rooftops and Canyoning

Dalat canyoning

So… Canyoning is what we were in Dalat for. Yes that’s what was in the news recently, hence I’m writing this blog 2 days behind what we are actually doing (its got nothing to do with not being able to keep up with how much is going on)

I’ll put your mind at rest; the company that took us canyoning were really professional. They knew their clove hitches from their garlic cloves. All the gear was in good condition and rated well by known brands. It was a properly safe experience, well, as safe as abseiling down waterfalls and jumping 10m into rock pools can get!

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The little Winner that could…

Mui Ne to Dalat

OMG its 0430am!!! What even is this, where am I?! Why the hell would we get up this early?! Well actually why would I get up this early… The girls bailed and Mike was about as easy to raise as Trumps election campaign funds in the Syrian cuds.

I was awake now and they sunrise would be good so sod it, sleep when you’re dead. I found a comfy spot on some recliners on the beach with a bunch of passed out stoners. They must have slept there after their party because the music was still going. It was surreal to be so sleep deprived, getting whiffs of weed listening to acoustic guitar chill out music watching the sun slowly peek over the horizon.

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Mui Ne Bribery

La Gi to Mui Ne

I learnt a valuable lesson this morning, dont take anti-malarials on an empty stomach.

It was really hot as we walked to find some breakfast. I had taken the drug in the hotel and thought nothing of a quick stroll before some food. It was aweful and came over me really quickly but i felt like i was going to hurl right there in the street! After 10 mins and some water back at the hotel I managed to eat breakfast and felt 100 times better. It came as quickly as it went and I knew what the cause was. Continue reading Mui Ne Bribery

Slap your Dong on the table

Out of all the currencies available, Dong is probably the funniest for an immature englishman. It doesn’t take much explaining how countless jokes are created; Just one example conversation,

” I’ve lost my Dong!”

“Can you lend me your Dong?”

“Can I pay in Dong?”

“I pulled out my Dong and gave the waitress a healthy tip”

It’s not mature but had us in peels of laughter discussing our upcoming trip to Vietnam. My mate, let’s call him Mike, has been travelling since Christmas all over east Asia. He has been saving for a long time for this and has now done what most of us only dream about Continue reading Slap your Dong on the table