Scortching along

Nah Trang to Buon Ma Thout

The wheels on the bike go round and round.. All day long… All day long from Latrang to Boun Ma Thuot. This was a long hot day.

The main road out was Boring© so we split off and into the heart of rural Vietnam. The road passed little villages and loads of rice fields. The locals use the road as a nice hot flat surface to dry the rice in the sun. It works really well but you get all the worlds vehicles fumes doseing them so I’m not sure how clean/healthy.

After a while we got some more interesting roads. A few twistys and some good views. Saw some water buffalow basking and bathing, they were pretty cool.

The girls were getting a bit hot and stressed after a while. This was the longest day yet and was a bit dull. We just have to cover some distance to our next long stop in Hoian. Between here and there it was either boring and dangerous coastal highway, or the route we chose. Back up into the highlands.

We finally reached the end of the day and the sun started to set. Suddenly Mike pulled up outside a derelict fairground. There was a dried up boat ride of some description, a rusty twisted ferris wheel, a merry go round and some other bits. It was madness to see this sort of Vietnamese theme park just at the edge of the road decaying.

Into Buon Ma Thuot we found a cool looking hotel called Heavenly Horse. It gets a whole 2 stars apparently but doesnt do food so we wandered around and found a market. I got some roasted pigeon and mike got grilled whole squid. It was awesome!