The little Winner that could…

Mui Ne to Dalat

OMG its 0430am!!! What even is this, where am I?! Why the hell would we get up this early?! Well actually why would I get up this early… The girls bailed and Mike was about as easy to raise as Trumps election campaign funds in the Syrian cuds.

I was awake now and they sunrise would be good so sod it, sleep when you’re dead. I found a comfy spot on some recliners on the beach with a bunch of passed out stoners. They must have slept there after their party because the music was still going. It was surreal to be so sleep deprived, getting whiffs of weed listening to acoustic guitar chill out music watching the sun slowly peek over the horizon.

I’m not very good at going back to bed after getting up so chilled out there till the sun was fully up and had some breakfast. When all finally rose we went up to find the elusive white sand dunes. I’m not sure we found The White Sand Dunes© but they were pretty awesome. After filling every orifice on my body with sand we headed back to the campsite to shower and get on the road.

Today we headed inland towards Dalat. Long open roads between salt pools gave way to cactus plantations and then the twisty mountain roads. These were hilarious on tiny 100cc bikes with all our gear. Literally crawling up the mountain getting hotter and hotter, eventually we had to stop to take a photo and let them cool down.

We stopped for lunch in one of the frontdoor diners that seem to line the roads. It was an amazing meal, really nice and filling. We needed a power nap after that on the hammocks around the diner.

From there it was mainly downhill into Dalat. We met a couple from Poland on one heavily loaded bike, the same as mine I think. They joined us for a stretch. We all ended up on a highway and had to detour through a cemetery to find the right road again.

Arriving in Dalat the couple went their own way and we found the hostel. It’s run by a sweet little Viet lady who offers food for $3 a night. Its an amazing bargain for the amazing feasts we had. Well worth the money and proper authentic food. The fridge is also kept stocked full of beer for 30p a bottle.. Doesnt get better than this!

After filling our bellies the girls needed chocolate – somethings are the same world over. It was a good excuse to go for a wander. We found a bakery and bought a selection of cakes. No idea what any of them were. One was a bright green muffin thing that looked radioactive but was probably the nicest of the lot.

When we got back we cracked open some beers and played cards. Too tired to go out this evening, it had been a really long day.