Date Night

We had had enough and we left.

I packed up the van with all our stuff and retrieved all my cooking gear from the kitchen (we hadn’t trusted the supplied utensils). Left it in better condition that we found it, and rolled out in search of some holiday for our holiday.

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Whoop Prep

Covid has pretty much killed off all social groups, including the BTW (Birmingham Tiny Whoopers). We were only loosely a micro drone club to begin with, focussing more on the quirky beer and flabber-gobbing about the world, but we did get some flying in. We even put on an AWESOME race event at (RIP) Kongs Birmingham. This brought me to the fringes of the organised Whoopers who engage on a country wide level to put on events and races. 

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You know when you are in bed and randomly wake up. You get that sort of confused and upside down feeling before you know what’s going on? Then, as you roll over wondering why, you tense a very specific muscle before the reason becomes self evident. You must pee.

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Legitimising The Van – Boxes Pt.1

For a long while now (has it really been 2 years…!!!) I have been converting my Van to a Campervan. Most of the important parts are there but it’s still technically a Van, whether or not I’ve spent a night in it. In my eyes, any vehicle you’re happy to sleep in, could be called a campervan but I understand what when it comes to the DVLA registration of a vehicle they need to set certain standards.

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Naughty Climber

I had bought myself a ticket over to Phi Phi from a booth in Ton Sai last night. It was 400b (£10) which is far cheaper than I expected. The chap at the booth told me to get to the longtail boats on the beach at 9am. Because I’m British I was there at 8:45. By 9:15 I was concerned I’d somehow missed it, but people were still turning up so at 9:30 I resigned myself to “island time”. At 9:45 the ferry showed up and the longtail boatman sprang into action, heaving rucksacks into the boat and helping people aboard.

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