Full Rain

Well we are definitely getting wet today. 

It started raining. Its going to rain all day, and its going to finish raining. Hopefully before 6am tomorrow.


There are only 2 objectives for today. Visit a pharmacy and collect the rental motorbike. Can you tell which I’m more excited about? But first we actually found a place thats open for breakfast. 

The menu served hotdogs, which we thought was a bad translation, but when people ordered them, sure enough, hotdogs for breakfast. We went for open sandwiches. Egg on egg, which is what it sounds like, and was very nice. And roast beef which was just amazing. Both looks and taste. We also had a cream cheese and blueberry muffin which was an odd combination, but can highly recommend.

Getting to the pharmacy was either a 20 min wait, bus, then a 10 min wait in the rain, then another bus. Or a 20 min walk down hill. So we walked from the coffee house feeling a bit like dumb foreigners walking down the road most of the way till we found a perfectly serviceable set of stairs. Enjoyably, it was manned by little white crabs that scuttled out the way as we approached.

Pharmacy ticked off, and after a discussion about which side of the road we should get the bus back, we stood in the rain for 20 mins. Then the bus came and whisked us back up the hill.

We had to make a multi-bus journey over to where we would be collecting the motorbike. Our concierge had been very helpful and called to confirm the rental yesterday after emailing for a few days back and forth. It was ready and waiting when we turned up at a large cafe / diner / motorbike hang out place called Biker Paradise. 

It certainly wasn’t biker paradise today, once I signed away my life and collected the bike, I had to ride it in the fog. Not only was it raining all day, but we were basically inside a cloud. It was so foggy we couldn’t see much further than the front of the bike. We were crawling along, all the way home. 

It’s now 10pm and raining biblically hard. But that’s ok. Let the weather get it all out of its system today and then tomorrow it had better be good. Or this would all be for naught…