Shit Culture

Koh Tao is a significantly smaller island than Koh Pangan. There is really only one town spread along the major bays beach. I imagine it was historically 2 towns but now the resorts and bars have filled in the middle. After our relatively hard night out (my definition of going hard on a night out has dramatically changed since dancing elephant) we slept in late. Phil slept longer, maybe some jet lag, so I went for breakfast.

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West Coast Blast

Today I had quite a long bike journey ahead of me. Starting in Westport my destination was Franz Josef, the town that serves all the walkers and tours visiting the glacier. I had been told that this glacier was nothing on the ones in America, but as I’ve never seen a glacier before, I was looking forward to it.

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Bike Hunting

I’m leaving the last plane in a dream-like state. I’m glad the airport signs are big and yellow because it makes them easier to see through my sleep deprived eyes. I’ve been warned about the airport security regarding pests and fruit and mud, so I declare the dustiness of my boots to the government and they ask me to stand on a sponge…. Am I still dreaming?

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Valencia Vistas

Instantly you know you’re somewhere different when you wake up. The air feels different and the noises outside the windows are different.

We are staying in the centre of Valencia in the 3rd storey flat of a grand old building. The decorative iron gates at the entrance give flashbacks to the days when buildings were built to show off to their neighbours, not just “provide economic housing for the masses” as is so often the case these days. I’ve grown up in London but it was a quiet suburb, not a main street. The faint smell of industry and car fumes permeates the room, not unpleasantly, enticingly. Urging me to get up and go exploring this new city. But first, we fixed a typically non-english breakfast of bread, tomatoes, jamon (cured ham), mozzarella and watermelon. I love the Mediterranean food, it is just the best, but I still had a hot cup of tea… I’m not a savage. Continue reading Valencia Vistas

Escape To Spain

Watching the minutes tick away is BORING…

5 left to go… close down computer programs (that I’ve only been staring at for the last 10 mins anyway)

3 left to go… turn off computer (I’m practiced at this sequence to know how long it takes)

2 left to go… put papers to one side & pull on jumper (basically just move stuff randomly around desk)

1 left to go… hook bag over shoulder (pre packed covertly during the last 15 mins of the day)

GO GO GO ! ! ! ! !

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Wild Swimming

After an excellent night’s sleep, with the van all to myself, I rose to a glorious day. A good cup of vietnamese coffee in the sun and some baked beans set me up for what we had planned.

Wild Swimming is a book our friend borrowed that lists a load of secret places dotted around the country. In these places, you can find pools of cool, scenic water to splash around in next to your picturesque picnic and obedient, docile dogs dozing in the shade…. Quite a picture of tranquility. Continue reading Wild Swimming


I have a friend (shocker I know) and we both seem to have been following the same instagram and pinterest lists without knowing about the other. When we finally did air the topic a new mutual interest was born!

Campervanning has had a resurgence in the last 2-3 years. While the 60’s campers are still as popular as always, they have been joined by the Van DIY-ers. This new group of people vaguely have the following traits:

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Dogs And Drams

I love my Van. She hasn’t missed a beat all week and has been very comfortable, even for two lads that are… well built… The bed in Bex is single mattress sized so to accommodate another occupant I have added a sliding section and a piece of foam. This doubles as the backrest of the sofa during the day and then a mini-mattress for the night. Because the piece of foam was bought from a different source, its not quite the same density. This wasnt really a problem but certainly meant that occasionally I was sharing a single bed as it encourages you to roll over. The last night of the trip Angus spent on Edds floor so I had the whole van to starfish, it was great! Continue reading Dogs And Drams

End Of The Road

We rose later than usual thanks to Angus’s expert dark arts of blocking up the windows. The van is quite cosy with two big lads in it, we certainly haven’t been cold on this trip, but you’ve got to be good friends. I’m sure this morning in particular we got some raised eyebrows from a whole bus tour as we both tumbled out into the center of a town rather than a discrete layby in the wilderness. Continue reading End Of The Road