Whoop Prep

Covid has pretty much killed off all social groups, including the BTW (Birmingham Tiny Whoopers). We were only loosely a micro drone club to begin with, focussing more on the quirky beer and flabber-gobbing about the world, but we did get some flying in. We even put on an AWESOME race event at (RIP) Kongs Birmingham. This brought me to the fringes of the organised Whoopers who engage on a country wide level to put on events and races. 

Sitting on the sidelines of the organisers group has let me see what’s coming up and what we could get involved with when the restrictions do finally lift. Enter Left; Wings’N’Wheels model show in Essex (super local to me….) and what promises to be an awesome Whoop event alongside all the other attractions. 

Given my recently increased workload I was happy to let this one slip by until it just became too interesting to ignore and I got sucked in to the crazy enthusiasm that surrounds the world of Whoops. Unlike any other sport, everyone here knows that there are faster, better handling, more powerful and more technically advanced craft out there (maybe 2CV drivers can relate?) so no one takes it that seriously. Its all about incredible gates and courses, costumes and parties! 

This lead me to frantically buying several parts for my Whoops that had been waiting in my shopping basket for a while, dancing around various stores trying to find 1S batteries, and making sure all my craft were in top flying – if not racing – condition. 

I also decided that this event would be a great opportunity to get some photos, videos and exposure for BTW. It was time for a post-Covid makeover and to get some media out there to attract people to the club again. I got a new Logo / Banner designed on Upwork, had it printed on a huge flag and even got some custom stickers made to give out! 

Lastly – before I headed off to work for a week – I tried to pack most things up and think thru what I would need. I made myself a power lead that I can hook up to my vans leisure battery so I can charge my batteries and also a janky video-out cable for my goggles in case there is the opportunity to record or stream my FPV feed.

Busy Busy Busy

Most people are arriving at the site Friday to set up, but I’ll still be returning from Glasgow. I will just have to get up really early, jam all my stuff in the van and blast it down the M1 to get there as early as I can on Saturday.