The Mystery Dress

All the staff at Marshall Meadows Manor Hotel were sorry to see Kayto go this morning. They have been so good with him, I can thoroughly recommend this hotel if you’re travelling with dogs. They even brought him a tiny plate of cut up sausages one morning! Needless to say, he was very happy to get the fuss.

But today was time to leave and head even further north. We (well Aimi will be) meeting Lubi, her dress maker. This is the final dress fitting and collection ready for the wedding this Sunday… THIS SUNDAY… 

Obviously, I had to wander off again for a couple hours so went to Lavender Coffee & Crumbs, the best cafe in Dalkeith. I got a coffee and cracked out a bit of work to stay on top of things. The lady here remembered Kayto from the other visits up this way. She has French bulldogs (before they were cool) so loved having Kayto in the shop. He gets so much attention! Well he’s going to get even more pretty soon; Lubi made him a little Harris Tweed bow tie!

The package secure, we set off up the A9. We have to be up here a few days before the wedding to collect some paperwork. Our next B&B we booked as soon as we knew the dates of the wedding. But after January when we had a little panic how close everything was getting, we completely forgot about it! We booked another B&B and then had to cancel almost immediately. But I’m glad we stuck with this one, even if the bed is a lot smaller. Its quirky and homely and so welcoming, especially to dogs. I think there must be a growing acceptance in the hotel industry that pet lovers want to travel with their pooches. We have been lucky enough to find 2 great hotels that love dogs.