Giant Learning To Dance

One of my personal ambitions for this year is to learn to dance. It’s been on my list for a while and for one reason or another I have just not given it any time. A friend of mine, lets call him Phil, has danced for many years. He’s tried to get me to do it before with all the usual incentives;

  • You’ll be great
  • There are loads of hot women
  • Its great exercise
  • Gives us a chance to hang out
  • Its cheaper than a night at the pub
  • Women always love a guy that can dance
  • It builds great confidence

And while all these things are true it’s just never reached levels of interest that produced any action.

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Beautifully Balanced Ballet

Ballet – Not something I have given much thought to, till I was offered to accompany a friend. Mostly I’ve just seen the cliche tv sketches of “typical” ballet scenes; ludicrously skinny ladies in pink leotards and tootoo’s (no idea how thats spelt, but it looks like the sound of a toddler’s steam engine… ) prancing around with cartoon-strong men who take too long in the changing rooms adjusting their 2nd pair of socks…

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