Giant Learning To Dance

One of my personal ambitions for this year is to learn to dance. It’s been on my list for a while and for one reason or another I have just not given it any time. A friend of mine, lets call him Phil, has danced for many years. He’s tried to get me to do it before with all the usual incentives;

  • You’ll be great
  • There are loads of hot women
  • Its great exercise
  • Gives us a chance to hang out
  • Its cheaper than a night at the pub
  • Women always love a guy that can dance
  • It builds great confidence

And while all these things are true it’s just never reached levels of interest that produced any action.

Part of me felt a bit clumsy and nervous because I’d have to dance with people that had been doing it for ages. The fear of being rubbish at something for a short time while I learned, put me off ever attempting it and getting the benefits listed above over the long term…. How daft is that!!

Well recently whats-his-name…. Phil sent me a deal on Groupon where I would have to act. A limited time offer that expired at the start of April. instead of £6 per dance session it was £1.50 per session for 10 sessions. If I wanted to do it, now was the time.

The first session was nauseatingly cringy. We were taught a simple 3 move sequence which was very easy. That wasn’t the cringy part, it was cringy because those were the only moves I knew and a dance song lasts about 3 mins… of the same move, over and over again…

However, everyone was really nice about it and put up with me leading badly and only knowing a few steps. There is a general over-population of girls who want to dance at these events, so I think they took the long view and made me feel good so another bloke would consistently come back.

Well it certainly worked and I have now completed my 10 classes and stepped up from beginner to intermediate classes. I no longer feel awkward about dancing with any of the ladies on a night and know I will be able to entertain them for at least 3 minutes… New PB!! I’m totally hooked on dancing now and can’t wait to learn how to do the more advanced moves. There are some couples there that just look incredible and are clearly having a great time. It’s definitely become a fixture in my weekly routine for the foreseeable future.

If you want to give it a go, I highly recommend looking up a local Ceroc group near you. They are up and down the country in local town halls and schools and operate most nights of the week.

I look forward to dancing with you one day!