Tauranga Trek

Tauanga’s bay has been formed by a volcano pushing up out of the sea right at the end of a spit of land. This huge bay is perfect for giant container ships and cruise liners who dock there to load and unload their human and commercial wares. It took me a bit by surprise when I walked around the corner of the main high st and saw that someone had found some very convenient parking for their cruise ship. It also explained the deafening mooing that had pierced my hung over head that morning preventing any further sleep recovery.

I got my stuff together and escaped Rays flat while people still slumbered, they must be used to the mooing. The receptionist at the hostel found my story hilarious. Last night I had paid for a nights bed before I found the Triumph owners. But I didn’t have the cash for the key deposit at the time so hadn’t gotten a key, thinking I would find some dinner and then get some cash out. Meeting the bikers the night took a turn and so I only used my hostel bed as a glorified locker for my stuff, having not slept there. After a joke at my hangovers expense, I finally got a key and went upstairs to continue recovering.

After a week on the bike, I had some washing to do and general house work… Maybe more aptly described as bag work? I also wanted to learn to surf so arranged with the receptionist for an instructor later in the day when I felt more human. Till then I just got food and water and rested and read my book.

The surf lesson was $90 for two hours private tutoring. No one else in the hostel wanted to join me thinking it too expensive. We used some really massive boards, only vaguely resembling the famous shape you’d think a surfboard should be. As stable as these were in comparison to the typical boards, it was still a very tricky skill to master. We practised the movements on the beach, popping up into position many times to try and commit the movement to muscle memory. Out in the water it was tricky but eventually I got 3-4 good rides without falling off immediately. 2 hours was definitely enough, as it’s a lot more physical than it looks from the shore. When I got back to the hostel the other inmates had been surfing for 3 hours without instruction and not managed 1 good ride so this justified the expense.

Tired from the days activity and lack of sleep, having only got to my floor-bed at 4am, I got a massive burger and beer and retreated to the hostel. I met a cool group of Germans and learned a couple of card games, ending in a very energetic game of Snap.

We got a few beers in and after a couple thought it would be a great idea to go up the Mount to watch the sunset. Although we had decided a bit too late so had to really march up there. This decision was definitely a drunk decision as we were covered in sweat by the time we got to the top. We missed the sunset but still got a beautiful view of the city at night with all the lights.

We got down from the mount and got an ice cream at burger king to recover from the march. This time I slept in my bed, turning off like a light, despite an old dude snoring.