Ben Nevis Blisters

Today is the day for a challenge. We are going up Ben Nevis. We decided to rise really early and set off walking just as it became light enough to say “Good Morning” to strangers. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake I had when doing this walk with Angus. We were sticking to the paths and the direct route. No off piste wandering this time. I even parked in the official visitor carpark to avoid the ridiculously steep first/last section of an alternative path that had practically killed my knees last time.

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Wet Walks And Waffles

After Aimi had been reminding me for days, leading up to the trip, I still hadn’t gotten any new waterproof walking trousers. We had made a special trip to Hathersage, and been to GoOutdoors twice, but still not found any I liked or fit properly. I wasn’t in a mad rush, I sort of remembered owning a cheap pair of plastic over trousers that may or may not have been stored in the overhead locker in the van. Well this afternoon it was due to rain, and we had just walked 3.5 miles into Oban to take a look around

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