Puppies, Property & Pint Glasses

Dogs are a great idea. I have decided. Especially puppies, they are awesome. I decided a long while ago I would like to get a dog. Growing up with a dog, going round my friends house all the time, I became his master as much as my friend was. Let’s call him Stephen, for ease. Not the dog, the friend. The dog was called Sam and we spent ages playing with him and walking him. The only part about dog ownership I don’t like, is having to pick up shit.

I’ve seen some videos of diligent owners training a dog to poop in the toilet and flush it, which is just incredible. But I imagine it took a lot of training. That’s the other thing; training. I want to train my dog and build a good relationship with it but currently my lifestyle doesn’t really support a dog. It would have to stay home all day on its own which isn’t fair. I could get a walker person puppy nanny doggy daycare but I’d be handing over the best bit to someone else to bond with my dog… nah.

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