Puppies, Property & Pint Glasses

Dogs are a great idea. I have decided. Especially puppies, they are awesome. I decided a long while ago I would like to get a dog. Growing up with a dog, going round my friends house all the time, I became his master as much as my friend was. Let’s call him Stephen, for ease. Not the dog, the friend. The dog was called Sam and we spent ages playing with him and walking him. The only part about dog ownership I don’t like, is having to pick up shit.

I’ve seen some videos of diligent owners training a dog to poop in the toilet and flush it, which is just incredible. But I imagine it took a lot of training. That’s the other thing; training. I want to train my dog and build a good relationship with it but currently my lifestyle doesn’t really support a dog. It would have to stay home all day on its own which isn’t fair. I could get a walker person puppy nanny doggy daycare but I’d be handing over the best bit to someone else to bond with my dog… nah.

The reason for this blog update is Stephens Dog 2.0 is called Bailey. Nope, your wrong, its a boy dog. However he is one of the cutest fluffballs to stagger across the earth. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. That’s just a collection of words to me as I dont really know breeds. A vet friend of mine said that a Hungarian Visla would suit me… Apparently thats not an international brand of sunglasses…

Well as much as I wanted to stick around and play puppy all afternoon, the reason I was “oop narth” was to visit another friend – I know right, I’ve got loads! Mr Phil™  has recently started an estate agency up in Darlington and it was the kick off party this weekend. The refub of the shop had come right down to the wire where as I turned up at 1700 the carpets were only just finished being laid! The whole place looked fantastic and very professional with loads of modern tech. The best of which is going to be an interactive, projected touch screen shop window! I can’t wait to go back in few months time to see it in action.

The party was fantastic, really cool, enthusiastic, forward thinking people. The whole atmosphere was buzzing, with the aid of, first, bubbly champagne and later, fizzy jager bombs. I may have built a few new network connections which was cool and definitely made some new friends. The music came mostly from Mr Phils™ little portable JBL speaker which has completely sold me on the idea – I’m getting one!

The next morning, only slightly fuzzy, we perambulated around Darlington train station museum. The first ever railway station and home of the inaugural run of the first ever steam locomotive. The trains were incredible and learning about them was ace but my favorite but was the ticket office. It was like it had been closed and hermetically sealed for 100 years. All the furniture was real and original and even smelled right. I love proper old british pomp. It’s where I imagine my dad would be most comfortable living; surrounded by slow moving, simple, large lumps of metal engineering that get shit done.