Real Legal

There is no more putting it off, so today I took 2 hours to do some work in a cafe in Aviemore. It was a fairly typical greasy spoon place that must have been going for years because the prices were nicely un-touristy even tho it was situated right in the centre. Aviemore itself is quite touristy with coaches of old people going in and out all the time and Americans walking around going “oooh” and “ahhh” at anything with vague historical pretences. 

It is, for its sins, the active sport centre of the Cairngorms, with the ski centre, multiple water sports companies and hiking, segway-ing and quad biking guides operating from here. And, luckily for Aimi, all the big outdoor apparel shops are represented. So she went off and entertained herself while I got as much done as possible.

Today we did some wedding organisation stuff. First stop was Kingussie to have our documents checked in preparation for the marriage schedule. This was in the town courthouse, and only really took 10 mins while a clerk punched our details into their computer. 

Its getting official – no going back now!

Next stop for Aimi was her hairdresser and makeup technician applicator painter artist. For this I was left in the van to entertain Kayto. I’m not allowed to know and as much as I would be curious how that conversation would go, I’m looking forward to the surprise. I imagine it would be something along the lines of…

“Are you the person who can makeup my face”

“Yes, how makeup would you like?”

“Great, just some makeup is good”

Some makeup looks really good”

“Sounds perfect, you’re hired”

I wouldn’t even know how to have the conversation so its best I stay out the way.

Then we stopped in the Kingussie cafe called Sugar Bowl. There are some really great cafes dotted thru the highlands and this is one of them. The cakes were really good and I got to reading a local book called Exploring Badenoch. It has some really good stories of the local area and the characters that shaped the community. I think I’m going to pick up a copy somewhere.