Making Camp

Perched high up on the cliff tops overlooking South Stack, the sun was brilliant in the morning. It was completely clear but very windy so we decided to find a more calm place to cook up breakfast. I was really looking forward to some legitimate free range eggs!

I had tried out my new stove last night but it was a bit sketchy on the counter-top. It would do for this holiday but I will have to make it a lot more secure if I’m going to live in the van full time. Next to the sliding door I have a folding table. The plan I have includes screwing the stove to this table so that when it’s not in use it can be kept out of the way. Ideally I want to be able to mount and demount the gas stove easily. This is so that when there is good weather and we go camping for a long time, I can take the stove outside and cook there. After getting the stove out and having a play, I also have to work out a way of making it quieter because it rattles like hell when travelling. That won’t be annoying at all!

We made our way to Shell Island and met up with the guys again. After the long walk yesterday we were really tired today so just made camp. It was fun making everything look Instagram perfect, putting up the awning and putting out the chairs. Kayto wasnt really helping, just tieing up our legs with his lead.

Shell Island isn’t really an island at all but there’s only one road in and out and twice a day this is flooded by the tide. There was some really good crabbing opportunity here. In amongst the rocks and debris left by the sea, hundreds of crabs scuttled around and clamped onto any bit of food that was offered to them. Apparently they really like bacon and it was when Kai was offering this to Mr Moore, that he slipped on the wet mud and landed on his arse. It honestly look like he had had a bowel movement out on the sand. Needless to say we fell about laughing. He had looked terrified of falling in the water and being eaten by a crab!

People drifted into the camp from time to time and after a while we had made dinner. Kayto helped by eating up all the pesky sky-raisins that we buzzing around. Fed and content we wandered over to watch the sunset on top of the sand dunes. After enjoying the scene for a while and letting our food go down, we got up the energy to run down to the sea and make silhouette shapes.

Knackered from the day of doing nothing, we headed back to Kai and Laura’s TARDIS tent. They had been there a week so were well established. They had even set up a windbreak to guard the fire pit which we made use of this evening, sitting around toasting marshmallows and making shmores.