Glorious Glencoe

This morning rose quietly on the Loch, us probably first to rise. Good thing too because without a toilet I had to sneak out a quick nature poop (bagged and stowed – leave no trace) 

The wiggly roads that lead us to this place continued FOREVER. They would will be so much fun on the motorbikes. We are already planning our 2021 motorbike tour of Scotland and this road is definitely on it! Turns out, not far up the road is Stephens brothers house. He had messaged me to say I was close so as we turned a corner I recognised it from visiting a few years ago.

We blasted up through Glasgow, shocking Aimi with its size, without stopping. We turned onto Loch Lomond and tried to find a place to park up to explore. Well of course it’s Sunday, and every man and his dog has either come out from Glasgow for the day, or is stopping on the return leg of their weekend away for a nosey. So we carried on a while north and just before reaching the tip of the Loch, found a small carpark with a cafe hut. I had to do a bit of work on the laptop so got us some coffee and sat out on a picnic bench in the sun while Aimi wandered around with kayto. We weren’t there long but I think I caught the sun a bit…. Yeah, in Scotland, I wouldn’t believe it possible either!

Driving further north we entered one of my favourite areas of Scotland, Glencoe. This is a single road through the most amazing scenery you have ever seen. Huge mountains rise each side of you in a big sweeping bowl of lush green brush. It makes you feel so small, like a worker ant, crawling in single file along the base of a skyscraper. I just love how empty and wide open the views are. There is so much space up here I don’t understand what people are going on about, overcrowding in cities… 

Passing through the town of Glencoe we tuned towards the Loch and caught the shortest ferry ride in the world. It cuts an hour off the drive out to the peninsular we were aiming to get to for the night. I get so excited by going on ferry’s, it’s like you are going to a new country! Aimi is indifferent…

The water was flowing into the Loch at a rapid pace, driven by the tide. I really hope some eco-power company has dropped a tidal turbine in this straight because it was really shifting and could definately create some usable power!

The single lane wiggly roads kicked off again and made Aimi feel sick. Only because she combined them with searching Park4nite app on her phone for a stopping place. I was glad of her sacrifice because she found a great spot at the top of a pass. The app had said it was on a slight sloppe so enroute I had collected some largish rocks. I used them to level out the van which worked perfectly, even if it did look a bit precarious. If it goes bump in the night, we will know why.